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WhenWatered keeps track of when you last watered your plants and reminds you if you have missed a watering. Not all plants can be watered on the same schedule. This is particularly true with indoor plants and especially bonsai trees or cacti. WhenWatered works with iPhone and iPod Touch.

New for iOS 7

The user interface has been updated for iOS 7 and several WhenWatered Time-Stamp improvements that make updating "when" your plant has been watered very easy. The Time-Stamp button has been moved to the plant's icon as an on/off toggle button. No more missed hits on a small time-stamp button.

The Time-Stamp confirmation window has been moved into the plant's row. This makes time-stamp updates even quicker. Those that have many plants to update will like this feature.

Creating Plant Entries

When opening WhenWatered for the first time there will be no entries. You create your first entry by pressing the plus (+) button located on the upper right of the home page. New plant entries appear on the home page immediately and are sequentially numbered: Plant 1, Plant 2, Plant 3, etc. Selecting a new plant entry will take you to its detail page and where the default plant name can be renamed.

iPhone First Opened Image iPhone First 3 Entries Image

Plant Details

Selecting one of your plants on the home page will take you to that plant's details. This is where you can modify the plant's name, when it was watered, record notes about the plant, take or choose a photo icon, and determine when the plant should next be watered.

iPhone Initial Details Image iPhone Entered Details Image

The above examples show how I changed the initial Plant 1 values to the entry for my Chinese Elm bonsai tree. Some notes were recorded and a photo icon of the tree was added. I also chose to set a notification of 4 days. This will send me a local notification four days after the last watering of my Chinese Elm tree.

About setting the value for Notification in Days. In order for a notification to be valid, the addition of the Notification in Days to the Watered On time stamp needs to result in a future date. A notification set for the past will never execute, therefore, if the addition results in a past date/time, then a friendly error message will pop up.

iPhone Notification Error Image

When you're finished making changes to your plant entry, then press the Save button on the upper right. A Save Completed message will display. The Done button on the upper left returns you back to the home page.

Status Buttons

The homepage will display a status button for each plant entry. Here's what the status buttons mean.

Green - The plant is within its watering window.

Red - The plant is beyond its watering window and needs to be watered.

Gray - The plant does not have a watering window (Notification in Days value is blank or zero).

The Date Due for a plant's next watering is displayed next to the status button. When not using a notification for a plant entry, instead of showing the Date Due, the time elapsed since the last watering is shown in days and hours.

iPhone Status Buttons 1 Image iPhone Status Buttons 2 Image

In the above examples, the left photo shows that the Ginseng needs to be watered. The right photo shows that the Ginseng is in time stamp update mode. Pressing the "Yes" button will update the Ginseng's WhenWatered time stamp. The Orchids in these examples will not create notifications. Using the notification feature is optional.

WhenWatered Time Stamps

Each plant entry on the home page has a time stamp, located in the center lower portion of the plant's entry. This time stamp shows when the plant was last watered. There's no need to go into the plant's detail when all you wish to do is update the WhenWatered time stamp. Simply press the plant's icon and the center portion of the plant entry will change to a confirmation message. Press "Yes" to confirm the time stamp update. If you do not wish to update the time stamp, then press the plant's icon again.

The Plant's icon acts a toggle button. Press once to activate the time stamp update mode (the plant icon shrinks). Press again to deactivate the time stamp update mode (the plant icon returns to normal size). Scrolling away or moving to another page while any given plant entry is in time stamp update mode will deactivate said mode.

iPhone Update Time Stamp Image

If you choose to update the plant entry, its order on the home page may change.

Sort Order

Plant entries on the home page are sorted by either the Plant Name, WhenWatered Time Stamp or by the Status Date Due. To change the sort order press the sort order button located on the upper left. The sort order button toggles between the three sort options. The sort order button displays the current Month and Day.

iPhone Sort by PlantName Image iPhone Sort by TimeStamp Image iPhone Sort by DateDue Image

The above examples show the same set of plant entries sorted by Plant Name, WhenWatered Time Stamp, and by Status Date Due. To identify the current sort order look for the sort icon located to the right of the WhenWatered title and just left of the plus (+) button.

- Sort rows by Plant Name.
- Sort rows by WhenWatered Time Stamp.
- Sort rows by Date Due.


Please email us if you have any support questions: jim@jimvision.com

  • WhenWatered Version History
  • Version 2.0 - Released on October 24, 2013
    • User Interface updated for iOS 7.
    • Updated app icon.
    • WhenWatered Time-Stamp improvements
    • Time-Stamp update button is now the plant icon.
    • Time-Stamp confirmation now on plant row.
    • Increased size of Time-Stamp confirmation.
  • Version 1.0 - Released on June 8, 2013